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Off-Grid Solar Power


Should your application require remote, off grid solar power generation, look no further. The PowerFLEX©+ line provides safe, silent, renewable power to ensure your electricity needs are met and shifts the paradigm in solar power generation.

While standard glass modules are heavy and require substantial support systems, PowerFLEX©+ modules are lightweight, flexible and conform easily to mounting surfaces. While glass breaks, PowerFLEX©+ is unbreakable since they’re made with rugged polymeric materials - additional insurance when you need a constant and secure power source.

Applications are endless and include: transmission towers, remote pumps, remote living quarters, off grid lighting, mining, outdoor sporting and even hybrid use with traditional fossil fuel generators. With today’s advances in controllers and battery system technologies, the PowerFLEX©+ line-up will provide energy generation into 12, 24 and 48 volt systems. Use PowerFLEX©+ as a primary energy source, a secondary energy source, or as a solar trickle charger.

The PowerFLEX©+ solar module is a disruptive technological solution that will ensure you have power when and where you need it!

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