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Vehicle, Marine & Mobile Solar Panels


The recreational marine and RV markets, along with commercial trucking fleets, have long expressed a need for a non-penetrating, light weight and streamlined solar solution.  Invicta Solar Energy listened and introduced the PFM-1K and PFM -2K PowerFLEXTM Mobile and RV Solar Panels and kits. These 100 watt and 200 watt kits come with a detailed instruction manual and all the accessories, including wire, connectors, adhesive, molding and a charge controller for a complete system solution.

These specially designed kits are now making it even easier to add solar to your RV, boat or commercial truck. Our shade tolerant, lightweight and flexible PV modules are superior in every way to the traditional and heavy glass and framed rigid crystalline modules for these applications. With no glass to break or crack, our streamlined low profile modules provide a vandal resistant, aesthetically pleasing and high performance solar solution. 

Let Invicta Solar recharge your battery system and lower your operating costs while offering you the freedom to run lights, refrigerators, fans and electronics wherever your sunny travels take you!

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