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Invicta Solar


Invicta's "Solar On The Wall" Doing What's Never Been Done

The whole idea behind Invicta’s “Solar on the Wall” concept is incorporating unused areas which may simply be burning in the sun all day and doing nothing, generating these wall areas into energy yielding building facades. In addition, this may eliminate factors that may exist for structures that cannot support current live-load limitations for local code requirements. With "Solar on the Wall" this solution can be applied to deliver energy that was once thought as a unconventional space. 

We offer several different solar panels and energy solutions for Commercial, Residential, Marine and Non-Roof applications for your energy needs. Each installation is made painless and easy. Our products and workmanship delivers exceptional quality while also demonstrating innovative designs.

A New Day For CIGS Solar Cells

CIGS technology has proven to deliver highly stable power output, with the semi-conductor stack exhibiting dynamic properties – and as such it can be considered a ‘smart material’. Consequently, while other high efficiency PV technologies are prone to degradation, particularly when exposed to light and elevated temperatures. Additionally, CIGS technology has a low temperature coefficient, meaning its efficiency does not decrease as quickly as Mono-crystalline and Polycrystalline Silicon panels when in high temperatures. Making CGIS ideal for installation in the fast-growing market in Sun Belt regions. Time after time CGIS has also demonstrated superior performance in diffused light conditions and at high temperatures. Generating a higher efficiency ratings than conventional silicon panels that are less ideal for environments that are in hot, humid, cloudy and shady conditions.


Invicta Solar Solutions

Now the benefits of solar can be added on Metal Roofs, Carports, Landfill Covers, Geomembrane Water Reservoirs Covers, Vehicle/Transportation Module Solutions, Marine, Light Poles and other Consumer Charging issues. We also have Mobile Solar Panel Kit solutions for a variety of applications for irregular shapes or surfaces with no surface penetrations that may void warranties. 

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