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Geomembrane, Reservoir, and Landfill covers

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Landfill Covers

Landfills are located on large, open areas with no commercial or agriculture use or value—perfect for solar installations. Closing and sealing landfills with a synthetic TPO membrane cover reduces costs compared to conventional standard subtitle D methods. Flexible modules can be bonded directly to the membrane cover. Membrane covers and flexible modules are a perfect combination for sloped landfill sites where conventional solar arrays cannot be installed due to slope and live-load limitations. Large power-generation area and fewer shading issues when compared to rooftop solar. Excellent complement to landfill gas technology to increase overall energy output.

Reservoir Covers

Generate power using the water surface area without consuming valuable land area for a solar array. Reduced evaporation due to the solar covering a 3-acre storage pond covered with solar panels could save over four million gallons of water each year. Less water contamination and algae growth, minimizing water treatment and associated labor costs. Large power-generation area when compared to rooftop solar. Modules are naturally cooled by the water for better performance. Fewer shading issues than rooftop solar. For reservoir-based hydro power plants, solar power can supplement hydro-based generation during the day when sunlight is available

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