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Our newest generation of PowerFLEX®+ CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium DiSelenide) flexible thin film solar modules offer higher efficiency, up to 15%, easy installation, and provide a range of 100 to 315 Watts. PowerFLEX®+ systems produce up to 4.5% higher energy yield than polycrystalline silicon systems, especially in hot, overcast or low light environments, and at higher latitudes.

Our PowerFLEX®+ modules can make your installation quicker, easier, aesthetically superior, and less costly for your commercial, industrial, and residential rooftops. The installed product provides a low-profile, pleasing appearance that blends into building architecture, and provides 25 years of reliable power in a rugged, proven, non-breakable design. 


Invicta Solar© has advanced CIGS technology and continues as the provider of lightweight, flexible, thin-film solar modules. Invicta Solar delivers viable, real world solutions for commercial and residential markets, specifically where traditional glass modules are not practical.

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