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【Benefits for Subscribers】 Get a Subscription Plan that works for you. Choose from Smart Basic+/Smart Energy+/Smart Life+ to unlock the full potential of Renogy ONE M1. Subscription benefits include historical data tracking, smart home automation, exclusive video chat support, and more!


【All-in-One Smart Panel】 Renogy ONE M1 is the nerve center of your off-grid home or RV. The 4-inch touch screen display provides smart energy monitoring and control of all your connected devices and appliances with intuitive visuals and real-time data.


【24/7 Energy Monitoring】 No longer do you need to track the performance data of your LiFePO4 batteries, charge controllers, inverters, smart battery charger on multiple battery monitors or monitoring screens. Now, Renogy ONE M1 delivers all the performance data from connected devices directly to your smart panel through Bluetooth, RS485, or RV-C communication cables. DC Home app gives you all these capabilities wherever you go right on your smartphone.


【Monitoring Anywhere, Anytime】 Wi-Fi connectivity uploads energy data while you’re off the grid so you can monitor your system in real time for better energy management, wherever you are, with the DC Home app.


【Simplify Your Routine with Smart Scenes】 Enjoy more off-grid living and leave the rest to Renogy ONE M1 with preset smart scenes. This power monitor lets you create smart scenes that control lights and accessories automatically based on your daily routine. Set up scenes like “Sleep” or “Energy Saver” to turn on/off connected devices with a simple tap on panel switches or the DC Home app based on the time of day.


【Professional Video Chat Support】 When you subscribe to Smart Energy or Smart Life, you get access to Renogy exclusive video chat support. Our advisors are always ready to support you with troubleshooting, tips and solutions when you use this home energy monitor and any other products of Renogy.


【Earn Rewards with Helios】 Earn more Renogy Rays for every kWh of power your system generates. Use Renogy Rays to redeem gift cards and Renogy products to power your off-grid lifestyle. Unlock your rewards today with Smart Life Subscription.

Renogy Subscription Plan Options

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