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【All-in-one Accessories Bundle】 This bundle includes everything that you need to set up a REGO system quickly, seamlessly, and safely, totally with four cables and three fuses.

【Plug&Play and Safer Operation】 The Anderson connectors of the cables implement the simplest connection, reduce the system setup time significantly, have no worries about special tools or complicated wiring, and also put an end to short circuits, misconnection, and connection failure.

【Durable Design Ensure Safety 】 All the cables with wide applicable temperatures from -40℃-105℃ ensure high performance in various scenarios. Silver plated contacts offer the greatest longevity when using high-power, elevated temperature applications. UL housing material provides security in the knowledge that the connector chosen meets strict flammability ratings

【Tested Quality for Better Stability】 The Adapter cables with heat-shrinkable tube insulated cables for good electrical safety. The Anderson connectors passed the vibration test to ensure connection stability even under harsh vibration conditions.

【Centralized Circuit Protection】 Easily add the ready-to-assemble fuses into the fuse switch disconnector on the top of the REGO combiner box, providing centralized circuit protection to your system devices, the circuits can also be disconnected manually for maintenance.

REGO System Accessories Bundle

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