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【Simple and Flexible Installation】 The plug-and-play Anderson terminals allow you to connect all the REGO products and reduce the system setup time significantly. The integrated insert terminals on the top of the system combiner box allow you to connect non-REGO components using ring terminal cables into your REGO system.

【Safer Connection】 The Anderson terminals provide extremely secure connections. No need for special tools or complicated wiring.

【Centralized Circuit Protection】 The fuses install easily into the fuse switch disconnectors on the top of the REGO combiner box. This provides centralized circuit protection to your system devices, the circuits can also be disconnected manually for maintenance.

【Strong System Compatibility】 The continuous current rating of the REGO system combiner box reaches 400A, which can perfectly handle the high power charging and discharging of the REGO system, furthermore adapt to most of other off-grid system.

【Expandable System Capacity】 Thanks to its' modular design, the REGO system combiner box can be expanded by connecting with a REGO battery combiner box. One Battery Combiner Box can connect with up to 3 REGO batteries, and multiple battery combiner boxes are expandable by connecting to accept more batteries, up to 8 batteries can be connected in parallel, offering a total capacity of up to 40KWh effortlessly.

REGO 4 Port 400A System Combiner Box