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【More Power, Less Installation Footprint】 Single REGO 400A battery with 5.12kWh storage capacity usable capacity. Save over 30% installation footprint than 4 pieces of 100A batteries.


【Advanced BMS, Ensure Unprecedented Reliability and Safety】 The sophisticated battery management system (BMS) offers over 60 types of warnings and protections, enables precise cell balancing, and stores up to 150 event records.


【Intelligent Self-Heating Function, More Stable Performance】 The built-in heater operates automatically at low temperatures to keep the battery charging. Assuring charging performance in low-temperature and increasing battery lifespan.


【Specially Design for Mobility Applications】 Strict road load tests has been made according to the standards for EV batteries, ensuring the stable performance of the REGO battery under mechanical vibrations. The BMS with RV-C protocol can perfectly work with other devices in your RV.


【Guaranteed Quality, Certified Performance】 The battery has been road load simulation tested. The battery cell for REGO battery obtained worldwide certifications include IEC62619, UN38.3, IEC82820, UL1973, etc.

REGO 12V 400Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery