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【1-Hour Fast Recharge (0-80%)】 iTurbo technology makes PHOENIX 1000 recharges 7 times faster than the competition. Charge your solar generator at blazing-fast speeds through a wall outlet. Go from 0% to 80% in only 1 hour. Get to a full charge in 1.8 hours. With a maximum 400W solar input, this backup battery can be recharged with solar panels when you're on the road or without access to wall outlets. 


【1500W Powerful AC Output 】 The PHOENIX 1000 Solar Portable Power Station delivers a whopping 2100W of power to run up to 12 devices in power outages without the noise or exhaust from a generator. With 6 AC outlets, 1500W rated output, and iBoost mode*, this solar powered generator can easily handle power-hungry appliances with loads up to 3000W smoothly and efficiently.

*iBoost mode allows PHOENIX 1000 to run appliances rated up to 3000W at a lower power without causing overload.


【Expandable for More Energy】 Want to be ready with more power for outages or upcoming overland travel? Just connect two PHOENIX 1000 power stations with a single phase/split phas