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【Reliable Battery Protection】 This heavy-duty battery box limits battery movement, prevents accidental spills, and protects the battery from dust, dirt, water, and other external elements that could short a battery.

【For Group 24-31 Batteries】 The battery box fits most Group 24-31 batteries by using the included adjustable divider to secure the battery in place perfectly.

【Rugged, Durable, and Impact-Resistant】 Made of high impact-resistant polypropylene to withstand harsh environments and mitigate potential damage.

【Fully Ventilated】 The secure cover incorporates multiple vent holes to ensure full-flow ventilation of hydrogen gas.

【Easy and Secure Installation】 Securely install the battery box in a car, camper, motorhome, trailer, caravan, kayak, or boat with the included tie-down strap and mounting brackets.

Heavy Duty Battery Box for Group 24-31 Battery Sizes

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