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The Renogy DM-1 4G LTE module is a great addition to any compatible Renogy solar system. Capable of connecting to select Renogy charge controllers through an RS232 port, the DM-1 is used to pair charge controllers with Renogy's 4G monitoring app.

Available for smartphones and tablets, this app allows you to conveniently monitor your system and change system parameters remotely – directly from your device anywhere 4G LTE network service is available.

Take the guesswork out of system monitoring by using the DM-1 to view real-time performance without ever having to leave your seat!

Renogy’s Data Module is available with one (1) year of prepaid service powered by T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network. After the terms of service have been completed, you can extend your service plan with Renogy annually at a rate of $99.99 per year.

You may also opt to purchase your module with out prepaid service and add it to an existing cell phone plan through your mobile provider (currently only available on T-Mobile and AT&T networks). Please contact your carrier for more information on rates.

At the moment, the Renogy DM-1 4G LTE module is only compatible with the 10A Wanderer, 30A Wanderer-Li, 30A Adventurer-Li, Rover-Li, and newer versions of the 20A and 40A Rover Charge Controller. Please note that the Bluetooth app, Renogy BT, is optimized for Rover Charge Controllers from version 010407 and onwards (i.e. 010408). The app is not fully compatible with older versions of the Rover Charge Controller. IMEI: 866732030858642

Note: The Renogy 4G App is currently incompatible with Android v10, it is compatible with Android v9 and below.

Data Module for Solar Charge Controllers