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Invicta Solar

Solar panel aided energy solutions for Commercial, Residential, Marine and Non-Roof applications.

Our products deliver exceptional quality.



Explore the Possibilities of Solar Power

CIGS Flexible Solar Panels

The Copper Indium Gallium DiSelenide, or CIGS flexible solar panels are the best choice. 

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Benefits of CIGS Panels

The most familiar solar panels are the mono-silicon or poly-silicon (c-Si) glass modules that are commonly used and can be seen on residential rooftops and large scale solar “farms”

CIGS Panels


Can be used on structures and roofs that can’t support glass module installations


Can be used on curved roofs and surfaces

Wind Resistant

Great for high wind areas, as their flat installation does not increase the wind load

Lower Installation Costs

The lack of racking (and penetrations), and easy “peel and stick” installation lowers material and labor costs of installation

Shade Resistant

Outperforms c-Si modules in partially cloudy conditions

Theft and Vandal Resistant

Virtually eliminates theft and vandalism of modules in high crime areas


Largely eliminates issues of damage from micro-cracks as a result of foot traffic or vibration, earthquake and hailstone resistant


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Easy Installation

  1. Clean the surface

  2. Remove protective film

  3. Press firmly

  4. Apply uniform pressure with a roller

  5. ​Repeat for other modules

Our Clients

Why companies like Invicta Solar?

"Our maintenance cost decreased"

Sam Whol

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